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A new novel about how it feels to need freedom; then suddenly to find it crashing into your life. Freedom and happiness-- we all want it. But where is it?

This is the book that tells the story of a man's resolve to live a free life. What happens when someone gives up notions of control in exchange for the freedom of clarity and self-discovery? Some bikers have done it; artists can do it; seekers of liberty and understanding have done it. Today it's easier than before; but still there is a price to pay. How is it done? And what do you pay? Read and see. Bikers from northern Vermont claim this is THE BEST story ever written about what lies behind a biker's need for freedom.

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Trust Me

PART TWO of a three-part story about FREEDOM, Includes 29 photos by St.Clair

Montana Cowboys, North Dakota Bikers, Water Pirates and Tourist Towns, Zombi Sisters, Devilwoman Hacker Girl, Scoundrels and Ranch Families.All these and more team up with Matt Jones on the second leg of his journey from a church town in Florida into the HEART OF AMERICA'S DREAM.


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