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A new novel about how it feels to need freedom; then suddenly to find it crashing into your life. Freedom and happiness-- we all want it. But where is it?

This is the book that tells the story of a man's resolve to live a free life. What happens when someone gives up notions of control in exchange for the freedom of clarity and self-discovery?

Some bikers have done it; artists can do it; seekers of liberty and understanding have done it. Today it's easier than before; but still there is a price to pay. How is it done? And what do you pay? Read and see. Bikers from northern Vermont claim this is THE BEST story ever written about what lies behind a biker's need for freedom.

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"St. Clair treats us to a history of the biker movement with magnificent scenes of nature from Florida to the West Coast--while Matt sheds skin after skin until the only thing left is acceptance of the moment." -- Bonnie Wells, The Amherst Bulletin

"I know nothing about motorcycles, but I loved this story." --Maggie Hand Miller

"Here it is, the potential that Richard St. Clair offers to his readers. Just accept the fact that life can be lived in any way one choosees, that whatever makes one satisfied and happy is at your disposal. Simply choose your direction, point your Harley and fly free!" --Louise Sarezky, Co-author with Kuthumi Lai Singh, How To Be Kind Of Good Looking In An Otherwise Ugly World


1) "I remember horses I rode before I started riding motorcycles. To me horses and motorcycles come to be about the same thing..... Then I left home like I mentioned earlier..... landed a job around Miami at the fancy race track there.... Right away I noticed I was on rich man's turf, and I didn't belong...... it dawned on me I didn't need to be there. Different from the horses, I could go free and wild if I wanted to. So that's what I did. The best horses I knew would've done the same if they could. Riding a motorcycle, I had the range and strength of a horse. ..... I shared all I could share with the bike club. Except for one thing. That, I kept to myself. Instinct told me where to draw the line. Some things you don't tell. Some things you can't share. Those are beyond girl friends or bikes. It was the thing that all the speed; the girls and the friendships; the mountains and beaches; even the sky and the ocean brought me closer to. The unmentionable. The one thing that had to be there. Something in my middle. Good horses can sense it in a person...... It used to be there all the time...... how do you talk about it? You don't. The real part lay hidden, where it could run free........ Like anything wild, though, one day it's gone; you don't know where. You forgot to call it back."

2) "So I got to stay up til the sun rose, wired on tequila and watching the all night repair session- one like I hadn't been to since the old club days in Florida. Mechanics move into new realms when they work drunk. It's interesting to watch, because everything that used to be easy for them turns into a test. They get to use their concentration, like a track star running with one extra guy strapped to his back. Watching when you're drunk is almost the same way. If a pickled mechanic fixes something so it finally works, it's a miracle. And watching drunk, if you never knew the details but you somehow manage to grasp how he fixed it, you can consider yourself a genius. The result is-- when it's all over and the job's done right, everybody's proud to know everybody else. Sometimes nothing works..... But then everybody thinks it's funny. Except for the people that suddenly turn suicidal. That starts a whole other episode. So if you were wondering how you could spend the whole night in a situation like this without losing interest, there's your answer.